Increase your Youtube Video Views with this little tweak

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Increase your Youtube Video Views with this little tweak

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:39 am

BE SURE TO take out EVERYONE OF THE *...just doing that for the html codes to show up

ok..first note pad....and type this out...

<*me*ta *http-equ*iv="refr*esh" *conten*t="*5"*>

this code refreshes your page every second or two..make sure this is your first line....

now grab the embedded code for your youtube video...showed be on the right side under your account picture..copy and paste it under accouple spaces from the code above...


<*obje*ct wid*th="42*5" heig*ht="3*44"><*par*am na*me="m*ovie" valu*e="ht*tp://www.yout**m/v/REQRHdMRi*mw&hl=en*"><*/para*m><*par*am nam*e="all*ow*FullSc*reen" *valu*e="tr*ue"><*/p*aram><*e*mb*ed sr*c="htt*p://www.youtu**m/v/REQRHdM*Rimw&hl=en"*
typ*e="applic*ation/x-*shockwav*e-flash" *allowfull*scr*een="tr*ue" wi*dth="42*5" heig*ht="34*4"*><*/em*bed*> we have the embedded we are going to edit the code with on simple script...&autoplay=1...

so we find this section here


where at the end where the =en" is we add the &autoplay=1 to this..

src=*"" your embedded code is we copy the whole embedded code...not the meta code at the stays there...but the youtube code we just editted...paste it 5 times under it...

then we save this file as anything.html....and then click on it and if done correctly your browser should open up with the youtube videos all on the same page...your browser will refresh every second or two and each time it does you get that many more views....let it run over nite...or anytime you like and you will have thousands of views in no time...cuz every time it refreshes thats that many more views....

hope this helps everyone out...good luck...happy youtube hacking...have fun...


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